About us

Bora Babić founded publishing house Akademska knjiga in Novi Sad in 2006 with the aim of publishing capital scholarly works of domestic and foreign authors who write in the areas of social
science and humanities, natural sciences as well as literature.

Bora Babić designed the profile and the concept of the publishing house together with the team of editors from different fields. Owing to the quality of published titles, Akademska knjiga has
become a recognizable publisher in the country and in the region in a short time.

The creative vision of Bora Babić, an editrix-in-chief and a directress of Akademska knjiga, is to publish capital works which broaden our knowledge and encourage critical thinking as well as to publish books which widen literary and artistic freedom. Those works are classified as cultural goods of Serbian people as well as of all other nations who understand the language in which books are published.

Books of Akademska knjiga cover 20 different genres of different fields and they are published in 16 editions. Beside domestic authors Akademska knjiga has so far translated and
published books from 30 languages. Thanks to quality editorial conception, publishing house Akademska knjiga received many awards. The most important are:

The Captain Miša Anastasijević Charter (Akademska knjiga, the leader of publishing industry in the region), Novi Sad, 2013

The Letter of Appreciation to Akademska knjiga for Outstanding Contribution to Development, Improvement and Affirmation of University in Novi Sad, 2015

The Award for the Best Scientific Work Hermeneutics as Politics by Stanley Rosen, The 61 st International Belgrade Book Fair, 2016

The Award for Scientific Contribution in the Field of Publishing, The Festival “Pazi šta čitaš”, Belgrade, 2017

The Award to Edition “Horizonti” for the Best Edition at the Book Fair “Trg od knjige”, Herceg Novi, 2017

The Charter for the Best Publisher Awarded by Journalists, 62 nd International Belgrade Book Fair, 2017

The Award for the Publisher of the Year, 62 nd International Belgrade Book Fair, 2017

The Special Award for Publishing the Book Theorie des kommunikativen Handelns by Jürgen Habermas in two volumes, Novi Sad Book Fair, 2018

The Award for the Best Publisher, Book and Graphics Fair, Kragujevac, 2018

In addition to this, authors and translators of Akademska knjiga received many awards and much recognition for the works published by Akademska knjiga.

Bora Babić is one of the founders of the Association of Professional Publishers of Serbia.

Bora Babić founded Aleksandar Tišma Foundation with an internet artist Andrej Tišma in 2016 in memory of great contemporary writer Aleksandar Tišma (1924-2003). Also, she initiated
establishment of the Aleksandar Tišma International Literary Prize, which will be awarded for the first time in 2019. International jury consisting of five renowned writers and critics (György Konrád, Peter Handke, Ilma Rakusa, Vladislava Gordić Petković and Mathias Énard) will choose the winner of the Aleksandar Tišma International Literary Prize.